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    Considering Colon Cleansing?

    "Colonics" is a popular process of trying to improve colon/intestinal health by removing built-up material and infections, producing better BMs (more regular and more normal) along with improved health.

    There are several techniques for colon cleansing, including fasts, specialized diets, drinking teas & powders, and even colon hydrotherapy.

    It is good to learn about this topic and to check with a health professional too!

  • Bowel Movement Colors

    What Bowel Movement Colors are Normal?

    Typically, human feces are brown in color, ranging from dark brown to lighter shades of brown. Depending on diet, hydration, and other factors, most people experience a range of colors with little noticeable effect in their overall health.

    Odd Bowel Movement Colors

    Many unusual colors are possible in fecal matter. The most common atypical colors are:

    How to Return Bowel Movement Color to Normal

    Through a combination of diet, hydration, decreased stress, and the elimination of any undesired bacteria, inflammations, or virus activity, bowel movements should return to a brownish color. In consultation with a health professional, this should be possible. However, if it does not seem possible, you could always try dying your poop brown by ingesting excess amounts of chocolate, peanut-butter, or dark beer!