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    Considering Colon Cleansing?

    "Colonics" is a popular process of trying to improve colon/intestinal health by removing built-up material and infections, producing better BMs (more regular and more normal) along with improved health.

    There are several techniques for colon cleansing, including fasts, specialized diets, drinking teas & powders, and even colon hydrotherapy.

    It is good to learn about this topic and to check with a health professional too!

  • Discolored Bowel Movement

    Discolored Bowel Movement

    A discoloured bowel movement is any bowel movement that may causes another human being shock, curiosity, or excessive laughter. While typical bowel movements are brown in color, a discolored bowel movement may be blue, green, yellow, hot pink, polka-dotted, striped, technicolor, bearing the likeness of person or place that you know, or even something stranger.

    Cause of Discolored Bowel Movements

    Discolored bowel movements typically result from odd food choices or bits of partially digested food. Yellow specks (corn), green belts (algae drinks), orange areas (too many carrots), black bits (pieces of compacted fecal matter), blue blobs (swallowed wads of gum or gobstoppers) and other bits of dinner may contribute to an oddly colored poop that would make any cartoonist envious.

    Cure for Discolored Bowel Movements

    The best cure for a diet-inspired discoloured bowel movement is a regular, no-funny-stuff diet for several days. For people suffering from discoloured bowel movements for non-dietary reasons, it is important to speak with a health professional to determine the cause of the discoloration (including disease, temporary condition, general mystery, etc.) and a recommended course of action.