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    Considering Colon Cleansing?

    "Colonics" is a popular process of trying to improve colon/intestinal health by removing built-up material and infections, producing better BMs (more regular and more normal) along with improved health.

    There are several techniques for colon cleansing, including fasts, specialized diets, drinking teas & powders, and even colon hydrotherapy.

    It is good to learn about this topic and to check with a health professional too!

  • Burning Bowel Movement

    What is a Burning Bowel Movement?

    A burning bowel movement is an anal elimination which, when thought of according to analogy, feels as though the very fires of hell were painted on your butt hole.  The feeling can range from a mildly painful ache to feeling as if you’d been buggered with a red-hot horse shoe.

    Cause of Burning Bowel Movements

    The primary cause of burning bowel movements are spicy oils within your fecal matter. Heavy consumption of spicy foods, or the consumption of a small amount of potent hot pepper such as habanero or scotch bonnet can make the proudest person grovel in misery. 

    If no spicy foods have been ingested, a second common cause of burning bowel movement is damage to the colon or large intestine.  Disease, cuts, or other surface damage can lead to infection or other health complications

    Cure for Burning Bowel Movements

    If spicy foods have been ingested, the best cure for burning bowel movements is time and something to distract your attention while recovering.  A variety of topical creams and powders are available on the market, but nothing can truly stop the burning.  Aside from the difficulty in application, it is recommended that any self-inflicted burning bowel movements be treated as a priceless learning experience.

    If spicy foods have not been ingested, the possibility of intestinal or colonic disease should be considered.  If symptoms persist for more than a few days, it is important to speak with a medical professional.  Humans do not have an abundance of nerves in the colon or large intestine, so if they’re calling out to you in pain, it is important to listen.