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    Considering Colon Cleansing?

    "Colonics" is a popular process of trying to improve colon/intestinal health by removing built-up material and infections, producing better BMs (more regular and more normal) along with improved health.

    There are several techniques for colon cleansing, including fasts, specialized diets, drinking teas & powders, and even colon hydrotherapy.

    It is good to learn about this topic and to check with a health professional too!

  • No Bowel Movement After Surgery

    No Bowel Movement After Surgery

    Experiencing a lack of bowel movements after surgery can be frustrating or confusing. Especially if the surgery was on a finger, ear lobe, wisdom tooth, or pet dog. Yet, many people experience this phenomena.

    Cause of No Bowel Movements After Surgery

    A lack of bowel movement following a surgical procedure may be related to one of the following causes:

    Cure for No Bowel Movements After Surgery

    One way to deal with a lack of bowel activity following surgery is to sit on the can, place duct-tape over your wounds, push like crazy, and hope for the best. Or, you are a mathematician, you may consider trying to work it out with a pencil.

    For serious cases of constipation following surgery, it is important to speak with a doctor about your condition. Aiding the process by eating easy-to-digest foods like fruits, fibres fruit juice (prune, grape, etc.) along with plenty of liquids might help the situation.