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    Considering Colon Cleansing?

    "Colonics" is a popular process of trying to improve colon/intestinal health by removing built-up material and infections, producing better BMs (more regular and more normal) along with improved health.

    There are several techniques for colon cleansing, including fasts, specialized diets, drinking teas & powders, and even colon hydrotherapy.

    It is good to learn about this topic and to check with a health professional too!

  • Urgent Bowel Movement

    What is an Urgent Bowel Movement?

    When you’ve really got to go, that’s an urgent bowel movement.  Some people experience urgent bowel movements on a regular basis, while others simply have to go urgently from time to time.  Many people experience an urgent surge on a daily basis, perhaps in the morning or just before bed.

    Cause of Urgent Bowel Movements

    An urgent bowel movement is your anus’ and rectum’s way of saying, “time to go!” An irregular urgency is commonly the result of illness, nervousness, or having ingested a laxative.  Or, if you are not providing space in your routine for regular and adequate waste elimination, this may be your body’s way of asserting its priorities within your daily calendar.

    Cure for Urgent Bowel Movements

    By far the best relief of this condition is to find a toilet, rip down your pants, and let fly.  If you are neither ill nor under stress, an unexpected bowel urgency may be the result of a friendly practical joke or food poisoning.  Check your diet, stay close to a toilet, and relieve the pressure naturally.